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Who doesn't love a super soft tshirt or a business card printed on some really nice paper stock.. or maybe that go to tumbler to keep your beverage cold?!  Sarah and Cathy LOVE everything about the world of promotional products and print which is why they have been in the business, collectively, for over 20 years and are now the proud founders of Equalitee Branding - a LGBTQ+ certified business.

Sarah started in the promotional product and print world over 15 years ago working for a team that was based outside of Philadelphia, PA.  One lovely day in March 2009, Sarah and Cathy were deplaning in Philly after celebrating their one year anniversary in Florida and Sarah got a call that she needed to head to Texas for a work assignment.  Off to Texas Sarah went and about 9 months later, Cathy followed and they now live in North Texas with their 3 adorable cats.

When they moved to Texas, Cathy was teaching preschool but eventually Sarah convinced her to make a change and join the promotional products and print industry.  She's been selling things with logos on them now for about 8 years and doesn't have too many regrets about leaving teaching!  Oh by the way, Cathy is from New Jersey... we try not to hold that against her :) 

There really isn't much that we can't print with a logo on it so if you have a marketing project you're working with - our team would love to help.  We have two stellar teammates, Amanda and Katie, who are the backbone of our organization and will do everything they can to get our clients what they need, when they need it!

When you're ready to talk, please don't be shy ... we'd love the opportunity to work with you!

Sarah & Cathy

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